My Best Human Face


Release Date: June 3rd, 2016
Label: Jagjaguwar

1. The Nightclub Artiste
2. Risto’s Riff
3. Them Call Themselves Old Punks
4. Ugly Flower Pretty Vase
5. City Wrecker
6. Prairie Boy
7. The Queen Of Both Lightness And Dark

City Wrecker EP


Release Date: September 16, 2014
Label: Jagjaguwar (US), Paper Bag Records (CA)

1. The Fog
2. City Wrecker
3. Running in Place with Everyone
4. Helsinki Winter 2013
5. Daughter of a Dove

Julia with Blue Jeans On


Release Date: October 29, 2013
Label: Jagjaguwar,Paper Bag Records (CA)
Download: Everyone is Noah, Everyone is the Ark

1. Barbarian
2. Everyone is Noah, Everyone is the Ark
3. Barbarian II
4. November 2011
5. Dreamy Summer
6. Julia with Blue Jeans On
7. Love the House You’re In
8. First Violin
9. Black is Back in Style
10. Your Chariot Awaits

Heartbreaking Bravery

Release Date: April 17, 2012
Label: Jagjaguwar
Download: Teary Eyes and Bloody Lips

1. Heartbreaking Bravery
2. Yesterday’s Fire
3. Shitty City
4. Quickfire, I Tried
5. I’m Not The Phoenix Yet
6. 10,000 Scorpions
7. Faraway Lightning
8. Headed For The Door
9. Teary Eyes And Bloody Lips
10. Lay Your Cheek On Down

Organ Music not Vibraphone Like I’d Hoped

Release date: August 2nd, 2011
Label: Jagjaguwar
Download: Fast Peter

1. Return To The Violence Of The Ocean Floor
2. Whale Song (Song Instead Of A Kiss)
3. Fast Peter
4. Shit-Hawk In The Snow
5. Loose Heart = Loose Plan

Dreamland EP: marimba and shit-drums

Released on January 26th, 2010,Dreamland EP: marimba and shit-drums, is physically available only in vinyl format (approximately 20 minutes of music on a single side of a 12-inch record). To get an FLAC or MP3 version of the EP now, please go to The vinyl edition is accompanied with a dream journal, on which the music is based.

Under the Radar Magazine
Drowned in Sound
Coke Machine Glow
Consequence of Sound

Sunset Rubdown: Introducing Moonface

Sunset Rubdown Introducing Moonface
is a two-song EP by Sunset Rubdown, which was released in April 2009. The two-song “picture disc” was recorded at Spencer Krug’s house and mixed by Arlen Thompson and Krug at Breakglass Studio.

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The EP is one in a series of six picture discs put together by the collaboration of artist David Horvitz and six bands: Sunset Rubdown, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Parenthetical Girls, No Age, Mika Miko, and Abe Vigoda. The singles are a collaborative effort insomuch that the music is contributed by the bands, and the photography is contributed by Horvitz. Each picture disc was limited to five hundred 7″ copies.

Track listing
1. Coming To at Dawn
2. Insane Love is Awakening