Wolf Parade 10 Year Anniversary Week – Part 5

Here are Arlen’s answers in this final installment of Wolf Parade Anniversary Week!

1. When was the first time you knew Wolf Parade was officially a band?
It’s weird to say, but I don’t really feel that Wolf Parade was ever officially a band. The project came together so fast & always felt like it was held together with spit & tape. The band always had a feeling that it could be over tomorrow. I think that was one of the things that made it great.

2. What are your memories about the recording of the first EP? Where/When was it recorded and how involved where you in the process?
I recorded it over a day or two at Win & Regine’s loft (that would become Mount Zoomer years later). It was all done on a Yamaha 8 track that recorded on mini-discs that I borrowed from my friend Dave Lewkowich. All the equipment was borrowed. Mainly Shure SM57s and maybe a Sennheiser 421. I remember just wanting to get whatever I could recorded. We had a show – the Soiro Bizarro, that was going to be a big deal for us & I really https://startupsouth.org/buy-singulair-online/ wanted to have something ready. We did all the overdubs & vocals in my old apartment on Clark. Spencer and I mixed & mastered it on my computer over an evening, if I remember right, the night before the show. I think the monitors were these horrible, boomy Marantz speakers from the 70’s that my roomate had. We burnt about 30 copies on these mini-CDrs Spencer bought and he had Jenny Craig sew up the cloth covers. Those copies went quick!

3. Do you have a favorite memory from that early time?
That time in Montreal was really great. There wasn’t much attention yet; things weren’t so serious. We were doing these packed shows & playing lofts and I remember thinking WTF? It was crazy. We did a mini tour with AF through southern Ontario around that time too. I remember playing the Ford Plant in Brantford for maybe two dozen folks & sleeping on Owen Pallet’s couch in TO. Also trying to find a 6 pack in downtown Guelph on a Friday night (impossible). Total chaos. We didn’t have a fucking clue what we were doing. Fuck, we still don’t!